Friday, August 5, 2011


Today gets 3 stars.

Today was good, almost great, but not quite.

  Woke up around 8:30in the am, to a house to myself. Always fun. Except today, I think I was visited by a "spirit" or two. Something's haunted, either my mind or my house. First, I was in the kitchen making noodles, and behind me, I heard someone humming. Creepy. Turned around, nothing there. And then, later on, I was in the bathroom, and in between songs (one song stopped, and before the next one came on) I heard my sister come home, unlock and open the door and came in laughing with some other person. I went in the livingroom to tell her about the humming I heard, and guess what? NOBODY WAS THERE. Not even a car in the carport. The door was locked and everything. What. The. Crap?

   Then I went to the bank, to cash my check, EFF YEAH, PAY DAY. Then to work.
Work would have been better if I didn't have to do a three person job by myself WHILE THE OTHER TWO PEOPLE WERE IN THE SAME ROOM DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT WATCH ME. :l I should get paid extra. Seriously.

   Then my family went to Marin's, a Mexican restaurant, after work. Because my niece is staying the weekend with us for her birthday. I got the Hawaiian Quesadilla (ham and pineapple in a tortilla with a side of Spanish rice) Uhm, yum!

   Then we went to walmart and bought junk. I bought a new shirt >:) Nothing unusual, I always buy shirts. I like shirts. They cover things. Kay.

   Now I'm here. I watched a bit of Paranormal Challenge and Ghost Adventures. Now, I'm blogging, jamming, and nomming.
Strawberry Italian Ice<3

Hope you enjoyed reading about my day.
See ya 'round!

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