Monday, August 1, 2011

An unlucky victim to go get killed.

Today was a good day. I give it 3, out of 5, stars.
   I woke up this morning.. or well, afternoon at 12:30pm. I woke up to a text message from my boss (who is also my mother) asking if I would like to come in at 1:30 today. That would have only given me 45 minutes to wake up, get ready to leave, and do the things I wanted to do. I decided that I wanted to wait until my usual time and not be there until 3:00pm.
    So that was sorted. I woke up wanting to make a vlog on youtube. Which I did, whilst sitting on my toilet. xD I wasn't using it, I assure you. Just a nice, quiet place to sit and talk to a camera.
     And then that wanting-ness to talk to people that I don't even know exist (anybody could be watching me, and I wouldn't really know), I thought that I would start a blog. A place to share the things I need to let out, without having the knowledge of being judged by what I have to say.
     So what happened? I made this blog. Ohyay.

   Then when it was time to go to work, we left (my sister and myself). We went to the gas station first, to get a drink or two. Well, while we were there, something kind of creepy happened. This random guy came up to my sister and asked if she was driving. Then he asked if she could drive him to the park. She didn't really give him an answer, but she told him that she's driving me, and I had to get to work. So my sister came back into the gas station (I was still in there picking out a snack) and she told me about it and then started to call our mom, because something like this has never happened and we didn't know what to do.
    Well, the guy followed my sister, like all over the store. Creepy much? And then he found me. Asked if I was the girl that my sister was driving. I said yes, and he then started piling on my, already full, hands two icees and two straws. He wanted us to take those icees to the park and give them to total strangers sitting by the restrooms at the park. -blink- He also gave me $10 for gas money, as a 'Thank you' for doing him this favor. This is where I started to feel bad. My parents told us not to do it. So I had to hold two icees and a $10 dollar bill in my hands all the way to work, then I had to go into the kitchen and pour the icees down the drain. Oh my god. My heart was full of guilt. I mean, we never said we would do it. But still. I wasted the guy's money by pouring the icees down the sink, and keeping the money.
     I would have taken the people the icees if it were my decision. But you never know if he was just getting some unlucky victim to go to the park for him so the people waiting could, like, kill us or something. But then again, you never know if it was totally legit. Just vfhjedthfyui ugh. I still have the money in my pocket.

     Anyway, then I was at work, and worked. Now I'm at home, making this post while eating noodles and listening to All Time Low.

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings of today.
As Myles Dyer says,
Adios til next time. <3

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